Designing Experiences

Some really think their brand is their logo. For others, the brand is their product. At Mitre, we specialize in creating brands that are experienced. We believe great design makes people feel and connects them to the world around them. And, we make sure that each part of that experience echoes your brand’s platform consistently. When we’re done, we’ve told the kind of story that will inspire them to share the experience with friends. Then you tell your stakeholders. And, you know how that story ends.


a brand.

Do you want to get something started? Introduce a service, start a company or launch a product? Let us help you find your voice. We put strategic thinking and our design expertise to work to design strong, smart, distinctive brand identities.


a brand.

Is your brand fragmented? Is it relevant? Is it competitive? Every brand goes through a period of revitalization. It's an essential part of brand management. Let us help you re-connect with core customers or attract new ones.


a brand.

Are you reaching beyond ads to create deeper relationships with your customers? Is your brand running in the right social circles? We consider touch points across all media to help you activate your brand in a unique and engaging way.

Our Services

Brand Strategy

Design without purpose and objectivity is just decoration. For a brand to succeed, we must first have an understanding of the situation. Know the audience, the challenges, the drivers that impact it. We can help define who you are–or who you are not, and position your brand for growth.

What we do:

Brand Audit, Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture, Brand Voice
& Messaging

Brand Expression

Research, planning, and the exchange of information are critical to the process. However, this must all be expressed visually to produce something measurable. Talking is good, making something is better. We craft authentic, memorable brand experiences that speak to head and heart.

What we do:

Logo, Visual Identity, Naming, Taglines Print Collateral, Packaging, Point of Sale, Advertising & Promotions, Branded Spaces, Digital Media, Online Marketing, Video & Animation, Motion Graphics

Brand Activation

A brand can be a company's most valuable asset. But, too often activating and managing the brand lacks the same level of attention given to other aspects of the business. We make sure your brand thrives among your internal and external audiences and is sustained over time.

What we do:

Brand Launch, Internal Activation, Training
and Brand Guidelines, External Brand
Communication Campaigns, Measurement
& Refinement

Our name, Mitre, represents the intersection of insight and creativity. We believe that strategic design is a kind of informed intuition, combining customer knowledge with big ideas to create experiences that speak to head and heart.


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