Coral Hospitality

Coral Hospitality’s portfolio of hotels and resorts offer something for everyone. Each property is unique, but their commitment to a creating a world-class guest experience is the same wherever you go. With more travelers booking online, Mitre set out to create standards for a new, impactful digital experience and elevate the brand. Features like aerial video, interactive maps, 3D views give viewers the full experience.

Mitre Agency - Brasstown Valley Resort
Mitre Agency - Brasstown Valley Resort - Images
Mitre Agency - Brasstown Valley Resort - Website
Mitre Agency - Lake-Blackshear Resort
Mitre Agency - Lake-Blackshear Resort - Images
Mitre Agency - Lake-Blackshear Resort - Website
Mitre Agency - Adventure Lodges
Mitre Agency - Adventure Lodges - Images
Mitre Agency - Adventure Lodges - Website

Our name, Mitre, represents the intersection of insight and creativity. We believe that strategic design is a kind of informed intuition, combining customer knowledge with big ideas to create experiences that speak to head and heart.


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